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Clergy Handbook

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English content

Resources block 1

Section 1: Statement of Terms of Service

Generic Job Description Archdeacon

Generic Job Description Area Dean

Generic Job Description Bishop

Generic Job Description Incumbent

Terms of Service

Welsh content

Resources block 2

Section 2: Professional Ministerial Guidelines

Introduction to The Cure of Souls (1996)

Professional Ministerial Guidelines

Resources block 3

Section 3: Procedures

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Clergy Grievance Procedure

Clergy Sickness, ill health and incapacity

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure of The Clergy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Social Media Guidance

Resources block 4

Section 4: Benefits of Office

Adoption Leave and Pay

Maternity Leave and Pay

Parochial Expenses of Clergy

Paternity Leave and Pay

Shared Parental Leave Policy

Work/Life Balance and Hours of Work

Resources block 5

Section 5: Learning, Development and Ministerial Review

Sabbatical Leave

Resources block 6

Section 6: Welfare

General Guidance For Clergy on Parsonage Security

Resources block 7

Section 7: Pensions and Retirement

Clergy Death in Service Scheme

Clergy Retirement Housing Loan Scheme

The Church in Wales Clergy Pension Scheme

Resources block 8

Section 8: Other Resources

Interregnum Duties Form (PDF)