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Other books of interest published by Y Lolfa

Welsh Saints from Welsh Churches

New book reveals treasury of images of nation’s saints in churches

A new book published on St David’s Day 2023, presents a stunning array of images of saints from churches across Wales.

The early saints of Wales have become an integral part of the story of the nation. The patron saint, David, or Dewi Sant, remains bound up with modern Welsh identity, and others such as Teilo, Illtud, Cadfan, Melangell, Beuno and Winefride or Gwenfrewy hold a special place in the traditions of different regions across Wales.

This is the first study of the portrayal of the nation’s saints and reveals a glowing treasury of images in stained glass, sculpture and other media, hardly any of which has been seen in print before. Over 500 beautiful photographs from around 250 churches across Wales tell a story of the place of the saints in Welsh religious culture and as national figures.

Author: Martin Crampin - Price £35 - ISBN 9781800992153

Order: Welsh Saints from Welsh Churches


At the age of 95, world renowned psychiatrist Dr David Enoch, who is affectionately known as ‘Enoch the Uncommon’ is publishing his autobiography. Enoch’s Walk - 95 Not Out: Journey of a Psychiatrist is the fascinating life story of the Christian psychiatrist, detailing five major elements of his life, that of being a doctor, psychiatrist, preacher, broadcaster and author - and starting with his humble beginnings in south Wales. Dr David Enoch has been at the forefront of societal, religious and medical changes, making this account a valuable first-hand account of twentieth-century history as well as a candid story of one man’s journey through life. He describes his life as one that was “determined to bridge the gap between faith and medicine.”


Wales’ Unknown Hero: Soldier, Spy, Monk
The Life of Henry Coombe-Tennant, MC, of Neath,

Henry earned a double-first from Cambridge, taught himself Mandarin before travelling to China, served in World War II and escaped from a POW camp and made it back across occupied Europe to Britain, which earned him the Military Cross. He joined the Special Operations Executive – and worked with the Resistance against the Nazis, for which the French awarded him the Croix de Guerre with Palm. Post-war, he served in Palestine and with NATO and then joined the British Secret Service. Embracing religion after his traumatic experiences in Iraq after the bloody revolution there, he ended his days as a Benedictine monk.


A Nation of Singing Birds:
Sermon and Song in Wales and Among the Welsh in America
by Ronald Rees (Y Lolfa).

Wales is known as ‘the land of song’ and the Welsh are renowned for their love of hymns – perhaps no other nation has sung them with such fervour. This passion is celebrated in a new comprehensive history of hymn writing and singing in Wales and amongst the Welsh diaspora in North America. A Nation of Singing Birds: Sermon and Song in Wales and Among the Welsh in America by Ronald Rees (Y Lolfa) looks at the time between the Protestant Revivals in the late 18th century until the present day.

Described as “Lively, entertaining, and valuable – a real gem” by the journalist, presenter and newsreader Huw Edwards, the book considers the influences of key figures such as William Williams Pantycelyn and Ira Sankey also examines rhythmic elements in Welsh preaching.


Llanilltud – The Story of a Celtic Christian Community by Philip Morris

Where was Britain’s first centre of learning founded? Oxford? Cambridge? St Andrews? Think again: it was in Llantwit Major in south Wales – known as Llanilltud Fawr in Welsh. St Illtud’s monastery and training school was founded in c.500 A.D., making it in all probability the oldest centre of learning in Britain. Scholars of church history have emphasised its importance by calling it ‘the Christian axis of the Celtic-speaking peoples’ and ‘the University of the Atlantic of the Celtic period’.

Brought up in Cardiff, Philip Morris has had a long career in the Church in Wales and recently retired as the Archdeacon of Margam. He has lived in Llantwit Major for many years, and his interest in this topic goes back to his MPhil in early medieval spirituality.


A Celtic Pilgrimage by Anne Hayward

This book is based on a pilgrimage Anne Hayward made on foot from Wales to Brittany in 2016. As with her previous book, A Pilgrimage Around Wales, her writing is aimed at people interested in Christian spirituality and pilgrimage, but also focuses on the church history (in the broadest sense) she discovered and reflected on as she walked.