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‘Evangelion’ means ‘good news’. Evangelism is about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in the hope that others may come to believe in and follow Jesus.

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Association of Christian Counsellors

Association of Christian Counsellors

ACC is the only Christian UK-wide counselling organisation holding an Accredited Register with the Professional Standards Authority.

ACC have set up a Crisis Counselling Support Service that ACC have established for those working within the NHS who have been impacted by Covid 19 and those who have been bereaved.

We have over 300 Registered Counsellors who have volunteered to provide up to 10 counselling sessions for free to people in these groups.

Visit: www.acc-uk.org


This form is for you to fill in if you would like to access the ACC Crisis Counselling Support Service (CCSS) which is available to download here:

Please download and circulate the ACC’s COVID-19 Crisis Counselling Support Service Flyer (PDF).

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