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Modern Slavery

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The Church in Wales is committed to exploring every opportunity to play its part in working to combat modern slavery by prevention, detection and in offering support for its victims. We work with wider church and other networks to raise awareness, do what we can to tackle the problem at source, and help provide victim support and care.In September 2018 the Church in Wales Governing Body unanimously passed the following motion:That the Governing Body:(i) consider that slavery and human trafficking in all their forms are crimes against humanity, and deplore their continuing existence in the modern world;(ii) commend the efforts of the international community, our own governments, law enforcement authorities and voluntary societies to combat modern slavery and human trafficking;(iii) lament our society’s failure to end the plague of modern slavery, acknowledging that ignorance and indifference are forms of tolerance and complicity;(iv) pray for and support cross sector partnerships, voluntary initiatives, education and business groups, and all efforts to co-operate and harness goodwill to bring an end to modern slavery and trafficking;(v) commit to exploring every opportunity to play our part in working to combat modern slavery, its prevention, detection, and in offering support for its victims.

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