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Growing a culture of generosity

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Generosity begins and ends with God, who desired to share his life with others. So he created humanity in his own image, which means that, deep down in our nature, is the divine generosity, the desire to give of ourselves to others, heedless of the cost to ourselves. Generosity is a life skill and a lifestyle. It has less to do with how much we give than how much we retain. Most of us have to work hard to be generous – it doesn’t often come naturally and we learn by reflecting on the incredible generosity of God to us and by being surrounded by generous people and practising generosity in the context of church. If we can’t be generous in our giving to God’s work (so that others may experience the divine generosity), how else will we learn to be more generous?We are responsible for what we do with the resources given to us. We need to confront an unwillingness to give significantly, that often arises from fear, suspicion, and insecurity.During this year, your church will explore what generosity is and how we achieve it both as individuals and as a Christian Community.You will look at how God models generosity; how clergy and leaders model generosity; how our language and actions reflect God’s generosity, and how the church as a charity demonstrates generosity.The hopes for this year are:Individual growth in discipleship.Financial resources to support mission and ministry growth.The mission and ministry of your church is enriched.Resources Available:Preaching ResourcesTeaching ResourcesStudy MaterialsAvailable from Parish Resources, Stewardship, Giving in Grace

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