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Grants and funding search facility

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This facility allows parishes to access a comprehensive database of grants, funding and awards. This is provided by an external company called GRANTfinder and allows you to search for available funding from more than 8,000 possible sources plus some useful tips and advice on funding and related matters.Please contact the person in your diocese listed below, who will be able to help you with your grant search:St Asaph: Tracey White at Owain Pritchard at Davids: Nia Evans at Briony Davies at Bethan Davies at & Brecon: Kes Seymour at details of building related grants offered by the Representative Body and an application form:Download RB Grants for the Repair, Extension or Provision of Places of Worship (Word)Funds for Historic Buildings (FFHB)If you are looking for funds for historic buildings the following website, in addition to GRANTnet, may be helpful: If you have any problems or questions about this facility, please contact us

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