Doctrinal Commission

Terms of reference

  1. to provide theological comment on reports or statements produced within the Church in Wales, the Anglican Communion, and through ecumenical bodies or discussions with other churches or faiths;
  2. to produce discussion papers.

With the consent of the Bench of Bishops:

  1. to undertake theological work that will inform and stimulate reflection in the life of the Province;
  2. to advise the Bench of Bishops on matters of current debate.

Background papers on same sex partnerships

The Church in Wales and Same-Sex Partnerships

Marriage as a Sacrament – by Ainsley Griffiths

Sexuality and the Image of God – by Peter Sedgwick

The concept of Flourishing in Relation to Marriage as a Good, and the Question of Gay Partnerships – by Ali Green

Same Sex Marriage – Biblical Considerations – by Will Strange

Fundamental Scriptural Approaches – by Matthew Hill


Confirmation and admission to Holy Communion

Standing Doctrinal Commission – Communion and Confirmation

Standing Doctrinal Commission – Confirmation



There are no set categories for membership, except that members are appointed by the Bench of Bishops. The current membership is:

The Reverend Dr Alison Green
The Reverend Dr Richard Hainsworth
The Reverend Matthew Hill (Secretary)
The Reverend Dr Trystan Hughes
The Reverend Canon Tudor Hughes
The Reverend Ainsley Griffiths
The Reverend Dr Rhiannon Johnson
The Reverend Canon Dr. Peter Sedgwick (Chairman)
The Reverend Dr Jason Bray
The Reverend Dr Sarah Rowland-Jones
The Venerable Dr William Strange
Dr Hector Patmore
Mr Charlie Shepherd

There are currently two ecumenical observers:

Dr Johannes Hoff;
Dr Robert Pope.

The Standing Doctrinal Commission prepared a response from the Church in Wales to the World Council of Churches report The Church: Towards a Common Vision.

Response to The Church Towards a Common Vision (doc)
Response to The Church Towards a Common Vision (pdf)

The original report may be found on the WCC website here.