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Holy Communion

At Holy Communion blessed bread and wine is shared, by which we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The congregation gives thanks for Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection and his continuing presence. See also Eucharist.

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Relationship and Responsibility

“It is your responsibility to act. We are behind you, so go ahead and get it done.”
Ezra 10:4

This learning journey draws mainly from two statements of what matters: ‘Our natural world is diverse and dynamic, influenced by processes and human actions’ and ‘Human societies are complex and diverse, and shaped by human actions and beliefs’. There are connections with other statements of what matters and with other Areas that can also be explored through this sub lens.

Sub Lens Guidance

Exemplar Approach

This section gives examples of ways in which a pluralistic learning journey might be developed. The journey could start at any stage and should not be restricted to the examples given. Questions are encouraged to allow learner influenced development.

Each example relates to a specific phase of development but should be adapted to suit learners.

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Further Along

Relationship and Responsibility - Further Along
Relationship and Responsibility - Further Along