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Holy Communion

At Holy Communion blessed bread and wine is shared, by which we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The congregation gives thanks for Jesus’ life, his death and resurrection and his continuing presence. See also Eucharist.


Prayer sustains our human relationship with God and may involve words (formal or informal) or be silent. Prayer can involve adoration (‘I love you’), confession (‘sorry’), thanksgiving and supplication (‘please’).

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Authority and Influence

You are like light for the whole world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lampstand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:14-16

This learning journey draws mainly from three statements of what matters: ‘Events and human experiences are complex, and are perceived, interpreted and represented in different way’, ‘Human societies are complex and diverse, and shaped by human actions and beliefs’, and ‘Informed, self-aware citizens engage with the challenges and opportunities that face humanity, and are able to take considered and ethical action’. There are connections with other statements of what matters and with other Areas that can also be explored through this sub lens.

Sub Lens Guidance

Exemplar Approach

This section gives examples of ways in which a pluralistic learning journey might be developed. The journey could start at any stage and should not be restricted to the examples given. Questions are encouraged to allow learner influenced development.

Each example relates to a specific phase of development but should be adapted to suit learners.

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Further Along

Authority and Influence - Further Along
Authority and Influence - Further Along