Word of the Lord

YEAR C: Advent 2018 – Kingdom 2019

The Epiphany of the Lord falls on Sunday 6th January 2019 and therefore the sequence of Sundays in Epiphany until the time before the 2nd Sunday before lent will change:

January 2019

6th – The Epiphany of our Lord

13th – The Baptism of Christ

20th  – The Third Sunday of Epiphany (Collect and Reading for Epiphany Two)

27th – The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany (Collect and Readings for Epiphany Three)

February 2019

3rd – The Fifth Sunday before Lent (Collect and PC 29 & 30) but use Readings for  Epiphany Four (The Presentation of Christ may be celebrated today).

10th – The Fourth Sunday before Lent (Collect and PC 31 & 32) but use the Reading for the Fifth Sunday before Lent.

17th – The Third Sunday before Lent (Collect and PC 33 & 34) but use the Readings for the Fourth Sunday before Lent.

24th – The Second Sunday before Lent – As per the usual sequence.


Year B