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If you would like to start donating to your church or parish please complete the form below. You can choose where your donation goes, how much to donate and how regularly you would like to give.

Your donations support clergy and training across Wales, ministry; shown by every person visited, every confirmation course run, every assembly taken, every bereaved family comforted. It also supports each baptism offered; each sermon preached; each eucharist celebrated and each person shown the love of Christ through care, comfort and compassion.

You may also Gift Aid your donation by ticking the box on this form. For more information about Gift Aid and how it works please visit Gift Direct FAQs.

Donations are taken on 6th of each month or next working day.

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The Direct Debit Guarantee

  • This Guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies that accept instructions to pay Direct Debits.
  • If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit The Representative Body of The Church in Wales Registered Charity Number 1142813 (the RB) will notify you ten working days in advance of your account being debited or as otherwise agreed. If you request the RB to collect a payment, confirmation of the amount and date will be given to you at the time of the request.
  • If an error is made in the payment of your Direct Debit, by the RB or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid from your bank or building society;
    • If you receive a refund you are not entitled to, you must pay it back when the RB asks you to.
  • You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by simply contacting your bank or building society. Written confirmation may be required. Please also notify us.

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