Times and Seasons – vol 1 – Advent to Candlemas

Introduction from the Bench of Bishops

In authorising these substantial liturgical resources for the Church in Wales, the Bench of Bishops is making provision for a wealth of material to enhance and supplement our regular worship with appropriate signs and ceremonies to highlight the meaning of the seasons and to enrich our worship. The Bench are grateful for the hard and dedicated work put in by past and present members of the Standing Liturgical Advisory Commission in the production and editing of this substantial body of work, which will be published in four volumes: (1) Advent to Candlemas, (2) Lent to Pentecost, (3) Trinity to Kingdom, and (4) Other Seasonal and Occasional Services.

These texts are by way of supplemental provision, and are intended to extend but not replace the regular forms of worship provided by those liturgies authorised by Governing Body and provided as part of the Book of Common Prayer. These new texts are permissive and not prescriptive, and should be used and adapted according to local custom.

In many of our Churches, local custom has already developed different forms of supplemental liturgy. In making this new provision, the bishops recognise that while this material is extensive, it is not exhaustive, and do not wish to proscribe other provision entirely. This material, produced by members of the Church in Wales for the Church in Wales, and authorised by the Bench of Bishops, should always be the first port of call for those developing liturgical services on these subjects, but this material itself may be supplemented and adapted in many ways, including by drawing on similar material provided in other Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

It is to be stressed, however, that the ordination declarations include a promise to use only those liturgies allowed by lawful authority, and it is not expected that liturgies from outside the Anglican tradition will be used except in exceptional circumstances explicitly authorised by the appropriate diocesan bishop, and that extraordinary provision is never intended to permit the wholesale replacement of the liturgies of the Prayer Book with material which is not part of the Anglican tradition as the Church in Wales has received it.


Volume 1 – Advent to Candlemas – English

Part I –  Pastoral and Liturgical Introduction – English

Part II – Advent – English

Part III – Christmas – English

Part IV – Epiphany to Candlemas – English

Part V – Appendix – English

Volume 1 – Advent to Candlemas – Welsh

Part I  – Pastoral and Liturgical Introduction – WELSH

Part II – Advent – WELSH

Part III – Christmas – WELSH

Part IV – Epiphany to Candlemas – WELSH