Times and Seasons – vol 2 – Lent, Holy Week and Eastertide

A Pastoral and Liturgical Introduction

It is important to emphasise that Lent, Holy Week and Easter are all one season:  a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, in which we enter the wilderness and the Passion, without losing sight of the Easter promise of eternal life.  It is only in the light of the resurrection that the wilderness and the Passion have meaning.  Through our liturgy, we do not seek to commemorate separate events in the life of Christ, but to celebrate the mystery of the whole of Jesus’ saving work.


VOLUME 2 – Lent, Holy Week and Eastertide – ENGLISh

Part 1 – Pastoral and Liturgical Introduction

Part 2 – Lent

Part 3 – Holy Week

Part 4 – The Easter Vigil

Part 5 – Eastertide

Part 6 – Appendix