Logo – Usage and Guidance

A guide to using the logo and typefaces of the Church in Wales was published in January 2019.

Logo and Typeface Style Guide

To download a copy of the logo:

Click on the logo link you require below the picture of the logo, this will then open in a new tab. RIGHT CLICK on the image and choose SAVE IMAGE AS. Then select the destination file on you PC or laptop etc. You will then be able to use the logo as per the guide.
The files will download as PNG files (with transparent backgrounds) which can be used in Microsoft and Adobe programs. If you require the logo in an EPS format, please contact the Communications Department: publications@churchinwales.org.uk


Logo Link: CiW 300 Landscape.png


Logo Link: CiW Black Landscape.png


Logo Link: CiW White-300 Landscape.png


Logo Link: CiW White-white Landscape.png


Logo Link: CiW White-black Landscape.png


Logo Link: CiW 300 Portrait.png


Logo Link: CiW Black Protrait.png


Logo Link: CiW White-300 Portrait.png


Logo Link: CiW White-white Portrait.png


Logo Link: CiW White-grey Portrait.png


Logo Link: CiW 300 Cross.png


Logo Link: CiW Black Cross.png


Logo Link: CiW White Cross.png