Sales & Lettings

Parishes may decide to let out a property if it is not being used to house a cleric and would otherwise be vacant. This has the advantage of increasing the security of the property (having a resident always deters vandalism) and keeping it well ventilated and warm. However, the terms under which a parish can receive any rental income is often determined by the conditions set out in the title of the property, which is usually held in trust by the Representative Body. Parishes wishing to rent out their property therefore need to contact the Property Services Department of the Representative Body who will check the title, appoint an approved letting agent and draw up the tenancy agreement. They will also arrange payment to the parish of any rental income and will be able to advise on landlord legal responsibilities such as obtaining a gas safety certificate.

Full information on landlord legal responsibilities can be found here.

If a property is held in trust for the benefit of a parish, any revenue from its sale should go to the parish itself. The use to which proceeds of a sale can be put will vary depending on the title of the property. Generally, proceeds of sale will be held by the Representative Body as the trustee until such time as the money is claimed by the parish for an appropriate use. The proceeds of sale will be held in the Representative Body Common Investment Fund and interest added to the balance. All sales of property will be handled by the Property Services Department of the Representative Body, who will be able to check the title of the property and any conditions of sale. Parishes should therefore contact them at the earliest opportunity.