Sales & Lettings

Sales of parsonages and curate houses owned by the Representative Body go into the Diocesan Parsonage Improvement Fund. Sales of properties owned by the parish will generally benefit the parish, although the use to which these funds can be put depends on the title of the property. All queries regarding the sale of a parish owned parsonage or curate house should be directed to the Property Services Department of the Representative Body in the first instance.

If there is a clerical vacancy in a parish or ministry area, the Parsonage Board may decide to let the house. Any net rental income generated by this will go into the Diocesan Parsonage Board Account to offset the repair costs of parsonages owned by the Representative Body. If the property is held in trust for the parish by the Representative Body, any net rental income will go to the parish.

Lettings will generally only be contemplated where the house is unlikely to be required for 6-12 months. Any arrangements for lettings (regardless of ownership) should be done through the Property Services Department of the Representative Body, who will appoint an external letting agent to find a suitable tenant. Any tenancy agreements will also need to be signed by the Representative Body as owners of the property (even if it is held in trust).