Parsonages and Curate Houses

Most parsonages and curate houses which have a cleric in residence belong to a Diocesan Parsonage Board scheme. This scheme is managed by a Parsonage Board in each diocese who is responsible for any repairs or improvements made to the properties. Enquiries about any repair and improvement issues regarding a property in the scheme should initially be addressed to the Parsonage Inspector in that diocese. Enquiries regarding the sale and lettings of any properties in the scheme should be addressed to the Property Services Department of the Representative Body.

Ownership & Management

The Parsonage Board in each diocese is responsible for the acquisition, disposal, repair and maintenance of parsonages.

Repairs & Improvements

Repairs to parsonages are paid for by the Parsonage Board and overseen by the Diocesan Inspector.


It is important to check that all the property for which you have responsibility is adequately insured.

Sales & Lettings

All sales & lettings should be done through the Property Services Department.