Church Safety

The Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG) have been working with the Church in Wales for the last two years to help improve health and safety in Welsh churches. Following research, they developed a new set of health & safety documentation designed to make the task of developing a health & safety policy and completing risk assessments, much more straightforward for the typical church.

Originally launched in 2014, the new documentation has been promoted via a series of seminars across the Welsh church aimed at parishes. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with nearly all delegates giving the training and materials top marks in their evaluation questions.

The new approach to health & safety is based on checklists and simple templates for churches to complete, so they can quickly assess common risks like working at height, slips trips and falls and food safety. Once the check lists are complete, churches will be able to quickly complete and adopt a health & safety policy. Also look out for forthcoming training events from EIG across Wales.

Click on the checklists below to download. A good tip is to first read through the checklists, then walk around your church as you complete them.

Implementing Church Heath & Safety

Creating a Church Health & Safety Policy

Conducting a Church Risk Assessment

Fire, Electrical & Other Hazards

Church Fire Risk Assessment

Food Preparation in Churches

Slips, Trips & Falls

Working at Height

Tower Tours