Parish or Community Use of Glebe

Parishes may sometimes request the use of glebe for local purposes. Whilst this is obviously a worthy use of the land, it must be remembered that the Representative Body as owners (and to comply with Charity Commission rules), have a duty to ensure the best long term development of it. An arrangement to rent out glebe as a local playing field for example, would clearly be pastorally difficult to terminate in favour of a significant development on the land or its sale. Even permission for a temporary community use could blight future development potential. Any such arrangements would need to be carefully considered and must be discussed with the Property Department of the Representative Body before any arrangements are entered into with third parties.

Parishes may also sometimes request the use of glebe to extend graveyards. This is generally against the policy of the Representative Body unless sufficient financial support is in place to maintain the area. The creation of a new area for burials can be a significant burden on parish funds, and a refusal to extend a graveyard is usually in the parish’s best interests. If glebe is to be considered for such a use, it will be the policy of the Representative Body to sell the land to the Parish or Community at market value.