Undertaking Building Work

Parishes will often get involved with building work, whether they be large or small scale. The following topics provide help with a wide range of projects from simple jobs, such as employing a local craftsman, to large church developments for community use.

Project Management
The Church in Wales’ guidance notes Managing Large Church Building Projects and Managing Small Church Building Projects outline all the stages parishes need to consider when undertaking a church project. Some of the items discussed include defining the project, getting a project team together, engaging professionals, feasibility studies and business plans.

Further guidance notes are available on Church Building Projects and Safety and HLF Grants for Places of Worship: Appointing Professionals. The Health & Safety section also provides more general information on safety.

Permissions & Consents
In addition to needing a faculty for most church building works other than routine maintenance and minor repairs, you may also need other consents such as planning permission, depending on the nature of your project and whether your church is listed or in a conservation area. Go to the Designations & Permissions section for more information. It is also a good idea to write a Statement of Significance and Need, which helps to explain the significance of your church and why changes are needed.

The two most common types of contracts that PCCs will enter into for work to church buildings are Letters of Appointment and JCT Contracts. The Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA) website has information on working with an architect and its own RIBA contracts. The JCT website has guidance notes and information on all of its contracts. Your professional adviser will also be able to help you decide which type of contract you may need.
Working with an Architect (RIBA website)
Go to the JCT website

If you have any queries regarding contracts, please contact the legal department of the Representative Body.

Popular Church Projects
The following guidance notes contain useful information relating to some of the most popular church projects:
Heating in Churches
Lighting in Churches

The following two documents contain useful information about building appraisals and the community use of churches. Please be aware that although the information they contain is still relevant, they will shortly be updated:
Wider & Community Use of Churches & Halls
Appraising Future Church Building Needs