Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG) are generally the insurers for all churches, church halls and parsonages. They are the leading insurers for ecclesiastical property and have wide ranging specialist knowledge and expertise. For general inquiries visit the EIG website at: or telephone: 0345 777 3322 or email:

As overall owner of the buildings, the Representative Body has a duty to ensure adequate insurance arrangements and a standard form of cover has been adopted across all its churches. This cover is subject to periodic review and assessment by the Representative Body to ensure parishes are getting the most comprehensive insurance they can. The review meeting looks at claims records and any new policy terms. A rate for the coming year is agreed for the premium and an appropriate indexation figure for sums insured is established. Each diocese is then notified of the premium for each individual church and each parish is contacted directly by EIG with details of the policy and any relevant guidance including necessary certificates.

For information about your church insurance go to: EIG Parishguard.

Church Halls
Church Halls should be insured directly by each parish through the EIG Hallguard policy. This policy provides comprehensive church hall insurance cover including property damage, loss of money, loss of income following an insured event, liability and personal accident cover. Details of this policy can be found at: EIG Church hall insurance. Tel no: 0345 777 3322.

Insurance of parsonages and curates house is generally arranged directly by the Representative Body. Insurance of parish owned property will generally be arranged directly by the Parish. It is important to check that all the property for which you have responsibility is insured and that advice is obtained on the suitability of cover.

Parishes should contact EIG directly on 0345 603 8381 in the event of a claim and negotiate settlements with them. The Property Services Department will try to assist with claims if they prove difficult to settle.