Ownership & Management

The regulations for the administration of churchyards can be found in Volume II Section 2:2 of the Constitution. The following documents provide useful information and guidance on the topics covered by the regulations.

Churchyard Management
The Church in Wales document below offers practical guidance to PCCs in the management of churchyards. Topics such as administration, churchyard regulations, walls & structures, burials, trees and wildlife conservation are all covered.
Management of Churchyards

Churchyard Habitats Management
The Caring for God’s Acre (CFGA) charity produces a Churchyard and Burial Ground Action Pack which contains a wealth of information to help with the sensitive management of churchyards, cemeteries and burial grounds. It contains guidelines on the management of wildlife habitats such as grassland and trees, and features such as lychgates, boundary walls and old stonework. It also includes information on how to involve others and how to make use of these places for learning and community activity. The action pack can be purchased from CFGA or downloaded from their website. Click here to go to the CFGA website