Community Development

Crossing the Threshold Toolkit – Diocese of Hereford
The toolkit’s aim is to provide practical guidance for churches wanting to remain open as places of worship and also as places where the wider community can enjoy a whole range of activities and support that will improve the quality of their lives.
Crossing the Threshold Toolkit

New Work in Historic Places of Worship – Historic England
This document sets out the principles that Historic England applies when considering proposals for the alteration or extension of historic places of worship. It is aimed at all those responsible for formulating proposals and making decisions about such buildings. Please be aware that some of the other information in the guide (eg. legislation) may not be applicable to Welsh Dioceses or places of worship.
New Work in Historic Places of Worship

Community Use of Churches Case Studies – Church of England
The case studies on this website were written by parishes who have undertaken projects to develop their churches through community means. They provide guidance and advice for anyone looking to make their church an open and sustainable building.
Community Use of Churches
Community Use of Churches: Case Studies

Chapels in Wales: Conservation & Conversion – Cadw
Although this booklet primarily provides guidance on the conversion of Welsh chapels to other uses, many of the same considerations and principles will apply to the conversion of churches, whether for community, residential or commercial use.
Chapels in Wales: Conservation & Conversion

One Church, 100 Uses
The aim of this organisation is to help promote and assist in the effective regeneration of churches for wider community use. Their website has some very useful information in the form of downloadable templates on a variety of topics such setting up a church cafe and building a community hub.
One Church, 100 Uses templates

Faith-based Regeneration Network (FbRN)
FbRN is a multi-faith network for community development, regeneration and social action. The website has a range of good practice advice, work sheets and case study examples.
Faith-based Regeneration Network

PLANED: Sustainable Communities
Helping communities to become more sustainable is at the heart of PLANED’s work. It encourages the involvement of local people and organisations to work together to improve the quality of life in their community. Although the organisation is based in Pembrokeshire, the community action plans on the website can easily be adapted for other areas wishing to develop something similar.
PLANED: Sustainable Communities

The Arthur Rank Centre (ARC)
The ARC is an ecumenical Christian charity which acts as a resource for the work of churches in rural areas through the sharing of good practice, the provision of training and the encouragement of Christian ministry. It assists churches in their efforts to improve the quality of life of those living and working in rural communities and supports and extends the work of rural churches.
The Arthur Rank Centre

Church Urban Fund (CUF)
Although the CUF are a Church of England initiative focused on tackling poverty, they have produced a useful guide about community projects in churches.
Church Urban Fund: Church Community Projects

Know How Non Profit
This group provides useful advice to voluntary organisations on all aspects of running a community project.
Know How Non Profit

The Plunkett Foundation
This group supports people in rural areas to set up and run community co-operatives. The website contains lots of information on how to set up a co-operative. Examples include shops and cafes which could extend the use of a church in a rural community.
The Plunkett Foundation