Logbook, Terrier & Inventory

Every church should have a Log Book, Terrier and Inventory to record the outcome of routine maintenance inspections and building work, quinquennial inspection reports, faculties, churchwarden returns, property owned or held in trust by the church and an inventory of its contents. A loose-leaf folder is recommended for this which needs to be kept up-to-date and stored in a secure dry place.

These documents are particularly useful for insurance and valuation purposes and may be requested by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group when assessing your annual insurance premium or in relation to a claim. Likewise, your Quinquennial Inspector will request them when carrying out the church’s five-yearly inspection, to establish what work has been carried out since their last visit.

It is essential that these documents are also available for inspection by the Archdeacon as required. They will prove invaluable for meeting the requirement to check and inspect church plate, etc, at the time of a vacancy and to monitor movement of items between churches.

A duplicate of the Logbook, Terrier and Inventory and copies of updates, should be sent to the Representative Body who keep a library for the Province.