All Church in Wales churches are covered by the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG) Parishguard policy. The policy is a Group Scheme which means that all churches are valued by EIG and a premium established for each. This is collected from Parishes by the Diocese. Cover includes property damage, loss of income following an insured event, theft by Church officials, public liability, employers’ liability and more. Details of the Parishguard policy can be found on EIG’s website: EIG Parishguard

Each Parish should contact the EIG in the event of a claim and negotiate settlements directly with them. The claims number is 0345 603 8381. The Property Department will try to assist with claims if they prove difficult to settle.

In order to encourage PCCs to look after their places of worship and thus minimise insurance claims and keep premiums as low as possible, EIG produce a comprehensive range of information which is available on their website.
Click here to go to the EIG Insurance website