15-16 April 2015


Highlights of this Governing Body are now available to download.


At the Pavilion, Llandrindod Wells.

Day 1

Dinner – 12.30

  1. Prayers and Bible Reading
  2. The due execution of the President’s Mandate will be certified
  3. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Governing Body held on 17 and 18 September 2014
  4. Matters arising on the Minutes (if any)
  5. Welcome to the Representatives of Cytûn and other churches
  6. President’s Address
  7. Report of the Standing Committee
  8. 2020 Vision Report (alternative DOC)
    Other documents

  9. Youth and Children’s Matters (alternative DOC)
    1. Presentation on “Messy Church”
    2. Presentation by Bangor diocese Children, Youth from 12.30 13.30 and Family Ministry Enablers (CYFMEs)
    3. Presentation by St Asaph Youth Forum
  10. Report on Representation of Women in the Church in Wales (alternative DOC)
    That the Governing Body:

    1. receive and welcome the Report of the Working Group on Representation of Women in the Church in Wales dated April 2015 and endorse the recommendations therein;
    2. accept that the Church in Wales has not achieved in the last seven years the expected cultural change, the appointment of more women into senior posts and the greater involvement of women in Church decision making;
    3. recognise that the equality agenda is the responsibility of the whole Church;
    4. commend the Report to the Province, dioceses, deaneries and parishes for study and appropriate action;
    5. request the Standing Committee to allocate the recommendations in the Report to the appropriate bodies for action;
    6. request the Standing Committee to report back on progress in implementing the recommendations within 3 years.
  11. Question Time (alternative DOC)
  12. Evangelism – Introduction to group discussions (alternative DOC)

Evening Prayer (Holy Trinity Church) – 18:00
Dinner – 19:00

Day 2

Celebration of the Holy Eucharist (Holy Trinity Church)- 07:30
Breakfast – 08:00-09:00

    1. Evangelism – Discussion in groups (Metropole Hotel)
    2. Church Action on poverty issues (alternative DOC)
      That the Governing Body:

      1. recognise the gospel imperative to address poverty and disadvantage;
      2. adopt the revised Ethical Investment Policy approved by the Representative Body on 20 November 2014;
      3. welcome the establishment of the Churches’ Mutual Credit Union and commend credit union membership;
      4. welcome the progress made towards accreditation of the Church in Wales as a Fair Trade Province;
      5. recognise and affirm the work of local churches and church-related projects in supporting people in poverty, combating the effects of poverty, and campaigning against the causes of poverty;
      6. call upon the Welsh Government to do all that it can to minimise the impact of poverty, austerity and recession on the people of Wales.

      Other documents

    1. Parochial Fees – Report from the Representative Body (alternative DOC)
      That the Governing Body:

      1. receive the report entitled ‘The Allocation of Parochial Fees in the Church in Wales April 2015’;
      2. approve the core pricinple for the allocation of fee income as set out in the report;
      3. note the proposed working arrangements and the intention to consult further thereon with the Bench of Bishops and Diocesan Boards of Finance;
      4. request the Representative Body to undertake such further consultation to enable a Bill to be prepared and brought forward in due course to implement

    1. The Report of St Michael’s College, Llandaff

      • That the Report of St Michael’s College, Llandaff be received

    1. Criteria for Elected Lay Membership of Provincial BodiesMotion:
      • That the amendments to the Constitution set out in Appendices 1 & 2 to the Report headed ‘Criteria for Elected Lay Membership of Provincial Bodies’ and dated 19 March 2015 be approved.

    1. Private Members’ Motion (alternative DOC)
      The Reverend Canon Paul Mackness will propose and Mr Nigel Roberts will second the motion:
      That the Governing Body

      1. believes the upper age limit on service in parish, deanery and diocesan lay offices has a negative impact on the life and mission of the church and produces no discernible benefit;
      2. therefore resolves to conduct an extensive review of the impact of the Equality Act 2010 on age restrictions contained in the Constitution of the Church in Wales in so far as the Clergy, Laity and those who hold office in the Church are concerned with a view to achieving, in so far as practicable and lawful, the repeal of all such age related conditions.

  1. Date and Place of Next MeetingThe Governing Body has decided that the next Ordinary Meeting be held on 16 and 17 September 2015 at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, Lampeter.