1-2 May 2019

Highlights May 2019 is now available to download in our Highlights section


Agenda item 12: Question time. Responses given are available to download – GB Questions and Answers May 2019 (Word doc)


Day 1: Wednesday 1 May

  1. Celebration of the Holy Eucharist (St John’s Church, Cardiff) – 09.30

Coffee (City Hall) – 11.00

  1. The due execution of the President’s Mandate will be certified – 11.30
  2. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Governing Body held on 12 and 13 September 2018 (Word doc)
  3. Matters arising on the Minutes (if any)
  4. Welcome to the Representatives of Cytûn and other churches
  5. President’s Address
  6. Report of the Standing Committee (PDF)
    The recommendations of the Committee set out at the end of the Report will be moved.
  7. Update from the Bench of Bishops on Same Sex Relationships

Lunch (City Hall) – 13.00-14.00

  1. Evangelism Fund Presentation (Word doc)
  2. Presentation on Rural Issues (PDF)

    That the Governing Body:
    (i) affirm the role of the local church in supporting rural communities;
    (ii) request each diocese to:
    (a) appoint a Rural Life Adviser, with dedicated time to carry out the role;
    (b) develop a strategy for constructive engagement with rural communities.
  3. Report on Representation of Women (Word doc)Motion:
    That the Governing Body:
    (i) receive and welcome the Report of the Working Group on Representation of Women in the Church in Wales dated May 2019 and endorse the recommendations therein;
    (ii) recognise that the equality agenda is the responsibility of the whole Church;
    (iii) commend the Report to the Province, dioceses, and ministry / mission areas for study and appropriate action, and request each diocesan Standing Committee to monitor progress in their diocese.
  4. Question Time (Word doc)

Evening Prayer (St John’s Church, Cardiff) – 18.00

Dinner (Marriott Hotel) – 19.30

Day 2: Thursday 2 May

Breakfast (Marriott Hotel) 08.00 – 09.00

  1. Morning Prayer and Bible Study (City Hall, Cardiff) – 09.30
  2. Buildings for Mission presentation and group discussions (Word doc)(i)  Presentation by Head of Property Services
    (ii) Live online poll and Discussion Groups
  3. The Constitution of the Dean and Chapter of Llandaff Cathedral (Word doc)
    Background note (Word doc)Motion:
    That the Governing Body give permission for the Constitution of the Dean and Chapter of Llandaff Cathedral dated April 2019 to be used in Llandaff Cathedral until such time as the Governing Body decide to amend the Cathedral Schemes in Volume II of the Constitution of the Church in Wales.
  4. Clergy Remuneration Review – update from the Chair of the Representative Body
  5. Bill to Incorporate into the Book of Common Prayer Alternative Funeral Services (PDF)Motion:
    (N.B. The following motion will only be moved if one Diocesan Bishop or any ten other members so request)
    That the Governing Body do go into Committee:
    (a) Committee Stage
    (b) Report and VoteMotion:
    That the Bill be passed.
  6. Private Members’ Motion (Word doc)
    The Venerable Peggy Jackson, Archdeacon of Llandaff will propose and the Reverend Dominic McClean will second the motion:That this Governing Body rejoices that the Church in Wales has now received the consecration of two Bishops who are women, and:
    (i) requests that all Bishops, consonant with previous undertakings, agree not to hold in future separate ordination services for any candidates, on the grounds of the candidates’ views on gender.
    (ii) calls on the Bench of Bishops to resile from paragraph 5 of the Explanatory Note to their 2014 Code of Practice, and cease to ordain those who, refusing the sacramental ministry of women, expect to rely upon the conscience clauses of the Code.
  7. Date and Place of Next Meeting
    The Governing Body has decided that the next Ordinary Meeting be held on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 September 2019 at the Bay Campus, Swansea University.