“For an end to the fighting” – declaration signed by the Archbishop and others

26 JULY 2006

The situation in the Middle East causes us mounting concern, and we are anxious that if the fighting is not brought to an end soon it will have far reaching consequences for the world as a whole.

We recognize fully the right of Israel to security within her territorial boundaries, and her right to defend herself. And we unreservedly condemn the continuing assaults on her by Palestinian terrorist organizations.

We also recognize the right of the Palestinian People to security within the boundaries delineated by the United Nations. We condemn unreservedly Israel’s acquisition of Palestinian land and the erection of the ‘fence’ that appropriates ever more land.

We believe that Israel will have no peace or respite, nor will there be any hope for the dream of a Palestinian homeland, until both sides accept all the relevant resolutions of the UN and act on them.

We grieve to see the harm caused by Hezbollah’s rockets during recent days to places like Haifa, and we also mourn the lives lost. Nevertheless, we are not convinced that there is the slightest  justification for the devastation wrought by Israel to Lebanon’s essential structures.  Bombing airport, roads, factories, electrical and water services savours more of merciless revenge than defence. In her understandable concern to be free from the fear of attack, we see Israel forfeiting the high ground, and eventually bringing down on her head ever more hostility and resistance.

We agree with the UK Prime Minister’s remarks in the House of Commons that ‘the only realistic way to ensure an end to the fighting is through dealing with all the problems that have led up to the violence’.

We therefore call on the United Nations and the United Kingdom government to do everything possible to ensure a cessation of fighting by both sides immediately, and to initiate discussions that will get at the root of the conflict and the hostilities.

We call on Christians and Moslems, and indeed on all those who, like us, are worried by the current situation, to pray earnestly for an end to the fighting, and to support every effort to secure the justice that alone will secure peace equally for Palestinians and Israelis.

Parchg/Revd Hywel Wyn Richards
Parchg/Gethin Abraham-Williams
Parchg Ddr/Revd Dr Peter Baines
Parchg/Revd Michael Cleaves
Y Gwir Barchg/Rt Revd Anthony Crockett
Parchg/Revd Susan Hyuton
Catherine James
Bugail/Pastor Eva Knauf
Yr Archesgob/Most Reverend Dr Barry C Morgan
Parchg/Revd Peter Noble
Parchg/Revd John Owen
Miss Eurwen Richards
Bugail/Pastor George Stevens
ac eraill/and others

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