The Church in Wales’ concern for the environment stems from our belief in the God of Creation, and humanity’s role as responsible stewards of that creation.

The purpose of the CHASE group is to:

  • Glorify God through our concern for the environment.
  • Bring a Christian perspective to discussion on environmental issues.
  • Be a resource for the Church in Wales on environmental issues.
  • Provide a voice for the Church in Wales on environmental issues.
  • Work towards the truth informed by data and expert opinion – whether this is popular or unpopular, inside or outside the church.
  • Provide comment in the public domain on environmental issues.
  • Be a positive force to encourge sound environmental principles and action.

Recent actions include…

  • A response to the Welsh Government consultation on Proposals for a Sustainable Development Bill
  • Presentations from RSPB and Caring for God’s Acre about biodiversity, especially in churchyards
  • Prayers for Climate Week
  • Presentation and reflection on ‘water stewardship’
  • Looking at schemes for assessing the environmental impact of church buildings

For more information on the Church’s action on Climate Change visit:

The current membership of CHASE can be found on the attached document.

You can also follow CHASE on the official CHASE Facebook Page here.