Church and Society

…say something about everything in relation to God.
St Thomas Aquinas

The church doesn’t just exist for its own sake, but to act as salt and light in in the society in which it finds itself. And so, alongside the essential tasks of teaching new believers, nurturing the long-standing faithful, and dealing with the critical pastoral moments of birth, marriage, illness, bereavement and death, you’ll find the Church in Wales engaging in all the arguments that swirl around our common life – whether that’s how Government Policy is affecting our communities, or what we can do to help the poorest nations of the world, or the pros and cons of the latest medical advances, or how we spend our money and what we buy, or what we’re doing the planet… and indeed any of the controversies that fill the news.

To inform our opinions we bring in expertise from all over the Church, and from secular sources. We work with other organisations, from specialist voluntary organisations to local and national government, universities, pressure groups – and anyone else who can share or inform our thinking.

Why do we get involved in all this?
Because God loves the world, and so Christians are responsible for making it a better place – by being well-informed, by engaging in debate, and by bringing all these issues into our prayer, worship and teaching.

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