Llandaff conversations

A series of Ministry Area Conversations is being rolled out throughout the whole of the Llandaff Diocese during 2014.

The development of Ministry Areas, in line with the Church in Wales 20:20 Vision is seen as a way of working more effectively and creatively for growth and therefore of huge benefit.

As part of this process, teams of senior staff and officers will be visiting potential groups of parishes to hold the Ministry Area Conversations. Each group will have a named partner whose role will be to help formulate a local plan for discussion at deanery level and then diocesan approval.

The aim is that conversations will be held with key local leaders involved in ministry (stipendiary, NSM, readers, worship leaders, lay project leaders, plus benefice/parish wardens). Parishes will be encouraged to consider what a ‘Ministry Area’ means within their own context (other churches, parishes, ecumenical partners, schools, other local service providers) and to talk to as many of these other potential community partners as possible.

A framework for these conversations will be produced to ensure all aspects of Ministry Areas are discussed with details available to be fed back and collated at diocesan level. This framework will use ‘Seven Sacred Spaces’ as its model. Pilots are planned for selected areas within each Archdeaconry before being rolled out further across the diocese – these are being held over the next few months in Penarth and Pontypridd town areas and with the entire Neath Deanery.

Ministry Area background information, FAQ’s, along with examples of ‘good practice’ from parishes / deaneries / groups within the diocese, will be produced and made available to support Ministry Area Conversations.

Information from ‘Ministry Area’ conversations will be gathered at diocesan level and assessed before Ministry Area proposals are formulated.

Initial Ministry Area Conversations with all areas should be completed during 2014, with formal diocesan proposals to be published early 2015, followed by implementation during 2015-2018.

BishopdavidsmallThe Assistant Bishop of Llandaff, David Wilbourne said, “I like the link with Seven Sacred Spaces because it drives us to revisit a monastic past when ordained and lay Christians served a geographical area as a team deeply committed to the common life.

“Each person’s God-given talents were harnessed to enable the life of the whole Body of Christ, and by gathering to pray together, study together, eat together, and decide together, that then served as a springboard to bring massive light and cheer to brighten the darkest of ages; and can do so again.”