Ministry Areas

The creation of “Ministry Areas” is one of the most radical changes we’re making. Traditional parish boundaries are being redrawn to make much larger areas which will be served by a team of people, both lay and cleric.

Ministry Areas reflect huge changes which have taken place in our society. The parish system, as originally set up with a single priest serving a small community, was put in place when people lived and worked in the same parish. All this has now changed – the communities to which people now belong are very varied and people travel freely.

Ministry Areas cover a broad geographical area. Rather than relying on individual clergy to minister to an increasing number of congregations, they are served by a mixed ministry team, some of whom are stipendiary ministers but most of whom are not. Some may be specialists in certain types of ministry, such as with young people or with those with little or no connection with the church. Individual churches, meanwhile, still have local leaders, who are part of the ministry team.