The Bishops commissioned a team of advisers in 2011 to conduct a root-and-branch review of the Church.
The three members of the team were:

  • Lord Richard Harries, the former Bishop of Oxford, who chaired the group;
  • Professor Charles Handy, former professor at the London Business School;
  • Professor Patricia Peattie, former Chair of the Episcopal Church in Scotland’s Standing Committee.

The Review Group traveled to every diocese in Wales and met more than 1,000 people in public meetings to find out what changes they wanted to see. They also invited people to write to them with ideas for shaping the church of the future.

Separate meetings were held with senior clergy from each diocese, bishops’ advisers, ordinands and staff from Wales’ theological college, St Michael’s College, Cardiff, and senior staff from the Representative Body.

At the open meetings people were asked what aspect of both their diocese and the Church they felt most positive about and what changes they would like to see to make its ministry more effective. They were also asked how they would address challenges such as the predicted fall in clergy numbers and financial resources.