Information on DBS update service for applicants

The Church in Wales supports the use of the DBS update service for the checking of Disclosure information in relation to both new appointments and existing appointments, where the role is eligible for a DBS check. This means that should you require a new DBS check for your role within the Church in Wales it will be a mandatory requirement to subscribe to the DBS update service as part of this process.

What is the DBS Update service?

The DBS update service allows:

  • applicants to keep their DBS Disclosure Certificates up to date;
  • other employers to check a DBS Disclosure Certificate – for example, if you are a member of clergy and you need to undertake activities in schools, they may need to check your DBS certificate

The employer can only make the status check if they would also be able to legally request a new DBS application for the role the individual will be working in.

Why should I subscribe to the DBS Update Service?

You will be able to take your DBS certificate from one job or role to the next unless:

  • The employer or appointing organisation asks you to apply for a new certificate
  • A certificate is needed for a different ‘workforce’ e.g. the existing certificate is for the child workforce and the new job or role is for the adult workforce
  • A different level certificate is needed e.g. the existing certificate is enhanced but the new job or role is regulated activity and a barred list check is required.

You are able to manage your own subscription online and are able to check the certificates that you have registered with the service, add or remove certificates, view those organisations that have used the service to check your certificate, update contact details and renew or cancel your subscription.

Once you have subscribed to the update service, with your permission, your employer can go online and carry out a free of charge and instant ‘status check’ to find out whether the information contained on the DBS certificate is current. This means no more renewals and only one DBS check.

How do I register to use the update service?

To register to use the update service – is an annual fee of £13 for employees and stipendiary clergy (including ordinands) but there is no charge if you are a volunteer. To find out how to request reimbursement, please contact the Church in Wales DBS Admin Team.

There is no charge for organisations to carry out an online status check on you.

You are able to register using the reference number on your application form but the DBS must receive that application form within 28 days. Or you can register once you have received your certificate, you have 30 days once the certificate is issued to do this. Make a note of your DBS form reference number (right hand side of the top of page 1). Remember that if you do not register within the DBS timescales or you let your annual subscription lapse, you will need to undertake a fresh DBS application before you can register for the Update Service again.

When you have registered for the Update Service, please email the Church in Wales DBS Admin Team to inform them of this on

How do I withdraw permission for the Church in Wales to carry out an online status check?

You can withdraw your permission for the Church in Wales to carry out a status check at any time by contacting the Church in Wales DBS Admin Team. For example, if you leave the role in which you were working or volunteering for the Church in Wales or if your role changes and you are no longer working with children or adults at risk in regulated activity, you should immediately contact the Church in Wales DBS Admin Team at to notify your withdrawal of your permission. Please be aware that the Church in Wales will only reimburse the cost of the DBS subscription whilst it has your permission to conduct status checks.