Chapter IV D: Territorial Arrangements



Subject to the provisions of the Constitution, the existing territorial arrangements of the several Dioceses under their respective Diocesan Bishops, and of the several districts and Parishes and Grouped Parishes under the care of the various ecclesiastical persons in charge thereof, shall continue as at present.




Any Diocesan Bishop, with the consent of his Diocesan Conference, may make any change in the existing territorial arrangement of his diocese, as he may think fit.




The Diocesan Conference, or its Standing Committee if so empowered by the Conference, shall, subject to the provisions of section 2, co-operate with the Bishop:

(a)     in altering the boundaries of any Parish;

(b)     in disuniting a united Parish;

(c)     in severing a portion or portions of any benefice or parish therefrom and incorporating the same in an adjoining Parish;

(d)     in forming a portion or portions of any Parish, or portions of two or more Parishes, into a separate Parish;

(e)     in grouping any two or more Parishes under one Incumbent;

(f)      in re-arranging or in dissolving groups of Parishes heretofore, now, or hereafter grouped under one Incumbent;

(g)     in uniting or merging permanently or temporarily two or more parishes into one Parish;

(h)     in grouping any church without a district with any Parish (where the cleric in charge of each church shall desire it);

(i)      in assigning any church without a district to a Parish as a church or chapel thereof; or

(j)      in forming any area (whether one or more Parishes or part thereof) into a parish which shall be known as a Rectorial Benefice or in rearranging, altering or dissolving a Rectorial Benefice;

provided always that no alteration of the boundaries of existing Parishes nor any change in any grouping of Parishes, if such alteration or change involves additional expense, shall be carried out without the consent of the Diocesan Board of Finance.




(1)     Any change in the existing territorial arrangements of the Diocese shall be carried out by a decree, which shall not take effect until it has been signed by the Bishop and deposited in the Diocesan Registry.


(2)     Subject to subsection (3), such a decree shall make provision and contain directions as to:

(a)     the right of user of the Parish church or churches and other churches in the area;

(b)     which shall be the parish church or churches in a Parish formed by the uniting or merging of two or more Parishes;

(c)     baptisms, marriages, and burials;

(d)     the method whereby the lay representatives, if any, for the Deanery Conference shall be elected;

(e)     what is to be done with regard to the electoral roll, the Vestry and other meetings, Churchwardens, Sidespersons, and the Parochial Church Council; and

(f)      when relating to the grouping of Parishes, or to the re-arrangement or dissolution of a grouping which of the houses within the group shall be the parsonage required to be occupied by the Incumbent in accordance with Part VIII of the Governing Body Regulations relating to Parsonages.

In default of such provision and directions the decree shall not be valid.


(3)     In the case of a decree forming, re-arranging or altering a Rectorial Benefice such decree, in addition to the matters set out in subsection (2), shall make provision and contain directions as to:

(a)     the authority of and the offices, duties and services to be performed by a Vicar, with or without any special duties or responsibilities;

(b)     meetings of the Rector and Vicar or Vicars, in chapter or otherwise;

(c)     the rights of the Rector and Vicar or Vicars respectively with regard to Easter offerings and surplice and other fees;

(d)     if a Rectorial Benefice comprises more than one Parish, the matters provided for in section 4(2), mutatis mutandis; and

(e)     such other matters as the Bishop may consider necessary.


In default of such provision and directions, the decree shall not be valid.




The Diocesan Conference shall have power to make rules for carrying out any changes made under the previous sections.