Chapter IV B: The Deanery Conference

Part I: General




In each Deanery there shall be a Deanery Conference (‘the Conference’).




The Conference shall conform to and carry out any order or direction of the Diocesan Conference.




The Conference shall be subject to regulations made by the Governing Body.


Part II: Composition




(1)     The Conference shall consist of:

(a)     ex-officio members, whose offices are set out in Part I of the Governing Body Regulations relating to the Deanery Conference;

(b)     elected members, elected in accordance with the provisions of Part I of the Regulations; and

(c)     co-opted members, co-opted in accordance with the provisions of Part I of the Regulations.


(2)     If not already members of the Conference, deanery representatives on diocesan boards and members of both the Governing Body and the Representative Body residing within the Deanery may, at the invitation of the Conference, attend any meeting thereof and speak but not vote.


Part III: Qualification for Membership




All members of the Conference shall be Communicants and over the age of eighteen years.




Every lay member of the Conference, before acting as such, shall sign a declaration in the following form in a book to be kept for that purpose by the Secretary of the Conference:

I, J…S…of…, do hereby solemnly declare that I am a Communicant over eighteen years of age and qualified to be a member of the …Deanery Conference according to the provisions of Chapter IV of the Constitution of the Church in Wales and I do not belong to any religious body which is not in communion with the Church in Wales.


Part IV: Powers




Subject to the control of the Governing Body and the Diocesan Conference, the Conference shall manage its own affairs.




The Conference may appoint an executive committee.




The Conference shall appoint a Secretary.




The functions of the Conference shall include:

(a)     promoting the whole mission of the Church: pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical;

(b)     assessing the needs of the Deanery in respect of finance, personnel and building;

(c)     strategic planning for worship and pastoral care throughout the Deanery;

(d)     advising on any matter properly referred to the Conference;

(e)     acting on any communication from the Diocesan Conference or any Parochial Church Council within the Deanery on such matters as the Conference deems appropriate;

(f)      managing and raising Deanery finances;

(g)     electing a lay Vice-Chairman from among the members of the Conference and, as necessary, following any vacancy in the office; and

(h)     discussing matters concerning the Church in Wales or otherwise of religious or public interest, but the discussion of any doctrinal matters by the Conference shall not extend to any formulation or declaration of doctrine.