Chapter IV A: Regulations relating to The Diocesan Conference

In exercise of its powers under Chapter II of the Constitution the Governing Body hereby makes the following regulations entitled “Governing Body Regulations relating to the Diocesan Conference” which are set out as follows:

Part I:         Convening a Special Meeting

Part II:        Business and Proceedings


Part I: Convening a Special Meeting


1.1    The Bishop may at his own discretion, and shall, at a request in writing signed by not less than one-fourth of the members of the Conference, instruct the Secretary of the Conference to convene a special meeting of the Conference.

1.2    The Secretary shall thereupon convene such special meeting by a notice in writing, stating the business to be transacted thereat.

1.3    The notice of such special meeting shall be sent to all members at least seven days before the day fixed for holding the meeting.

1.4    No business shall be transacted at a special meeting other than that stated in the notice convening the same.


Part II: Business and Proceedings


2.      The President shall have a casting vote.


3.      The Conference shall be elected triennially and shall meet not less than once a year.


4.1    The Secretary of the Conference, at least seven days before the first meeting of each session of the Conference, shall prepare and publish a list of the members, and the said list, when signed by the Bishop, shall be conclusive evidence that those named on it and none other are the members of the Conference.

4.2    The accuracy of such list shall be the subject of appeal to the Chancellor.


5.      The presence of the Bishop or his Commissary, or of the President of the Governing Body, or the Diocesan Bishop next in order of precedence or his Commissary, together with one-fourth of the clerical members and one-fifth of the lay members, shall be necessary to constitute a meeting of the Conference.


6.      The failure of any district or area to return members shall not prevent the Conference from proceeding with the despatch of business.