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Saint and Sultan peace talks anniversary

A group of Christians and Muslims will share a meal in a mosque tomorrow to mark the 800th anniversary of peace talks between a saint and a sultan.

During a lull in the battles of the Fifth Crusade in the 13th Century, Francis of Assisi crossed over from the Christian camp to the Muslim armies in an attempt to end the fighting by preaching to the Muslim leader, Sultan Malik al-Kamil. Despite predictions that he would be killed, the outcome was a peaceful dialogue between the two leaders, which bore fruit in both their lives.

Just before he left the Sultan’s camp, Francis of Assisi asked that they sit down together for a meal, believing that this would deepen the fellowship between them. To commemorate this, the Third Order Anglican Franciscans is taking a meal into the Dar ul-Isra Mosque in Cardiff, and serving it to a group of Muslims and Christians, including the Bishop of Llandaff. The meal will be accompanied by a dramatic presentation of the encounter, based on a number of contemporary accounts from the 13th Century.

The intention is to advance the cause of Muslim/Christian relations in Wales.

The event takes place on September 24 from 12:00 until 14:30 in the Dar ul-Isra Mosque, Cardiff.