Provincial press releases

Bells to toll for Notre Dame

The Archbishop of Wales is joining the Archbishops  of Canterbury and York to encourage all cathedrals and churches to toll a bell for seven minutes at around 7pm this Thursday, Maundy Thursday, as a simple sign of both sorrow for and solidarity with the people of France and, particularly, the Cathedral Community at Notre Dame following yesterday’s devastating fire.

The Archbishop, John Davies, said:

“The tolling of bells has, for generations, been a sign of mourning for the loss of someone precious and, although Notre Dame is a building, there is also a sense in which it is a vital part of the very heartbeat of Paris.

“The damage and destruction suffered to this holy and iconic site is something, therefore, which it feels quite proper for us to mourn. In doing so, we will also be expressing our hope that, from the ashes, will rise a building restored and renewed for its life’s purpose, to proclaim to the world the Good News of Christ.”

  • This initiative has been suggested by the British Ambassador to France, Edward Llewellyn, and it is hoped that many will take part.