Provincial press releases

Archbishop condemns ‘barbaric acts of terror’ in Sri Lanka

The Archbishop of Wales has condemned as ‘barbaric’ the terrorist attack on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka today. He calls on us to work for peace and justice.

The Archbishop, John Davies, says, “On the very day when Christians throughout the world were celebrating the truth that the barbarism and cruelty of Good Friday had not overcome love and justice, we were greeted by news of the atrocities in Sri Lanka, a country well-used to terror but which, for the past ten years has been relatively peaceful. Cold, calculating and carefully planned barbaric acts of terror were launched against people exercising their freedom to worship, relax or go about their daily business. I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, those possessed of perverse and sick minds and who both planned and executed these dreadful attacks. We remember in our prayers the dead, the injured and those who grieve, together with all those who continue to work for social cohesion, tolerance peace and justice.

“Following on from the murder, in Londonderry, of Lyra McKee, a promising young journalist and activist for human rights and who was simply doing her job, these events are an ongoing reminder of the human capacity to wound the innocent and mar the world for which, in Christ, God showed his love.

“People of a good heart and loving mind must not let such events dim their desire to continue to work for a world and for communities where these things will no longer be tolerated.”