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Interfaith Walking Tour

Celebrate interfaith week with a short walk around the different religions of the world.

An interfaith walking tour takes place tomorrow in Cardiff, taking in a synagogue, a mosque, a chapel and a Buddhist centre – all within a short distance of each other in the culturally diverse city.

Walking Alongside Our Community is organised by the Interfaith Council of Wales and takes place on Tuesday, November 13.

The event will begin at the Pierhead building with a short talk about World War One and the impact of integrated religions of those serving in the British Armed Forces at the time. It is sponsored by Assembly Member Julie James, Leader of the House, and she will give a short opening speech. There will be light refreshments before the walking tour starts at 1.15pm

The route is as follows:

  1. Reformed Synagogue, Moira Terrace, Cardiff to start the ‘Walking Alongside Our Community’ walk through the city centre.  There is a resting stop at the
  2. Buddhist Centre before walking to the
  3. Crwys Capel, Richmond Road, then onto the
  4. Dar-Yl-Isra Mosque, Wyverne Road for a ‘Faith Speed Dating’ experience.  Refreshments will be provided at the Mosque.
  5. The tour ends at 4pm

Map of the walk