Provincial press releases

Archbishop pays tribute to Sir William Gladstone

The Archbishop of Wales has paid tribute to Sir William Gladstone who died last week.

Sir William served the Church in Wales as chair of its Representative Body from 1977-1992. He was also a former Chief Scout and Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd.

The Archbishop, John Davies, said, “William Gladstone’s distinguished service to the Church in Wales, not least as the Chairman of its Representative Body (RB), was much appreciated, and I consider it a privilege, on behalf of the Church in Wales, to be able to express our thanks. I was a member of the Governing Body both as a layman and after ordination during his tenure of office, and was able to admire both his reassuring delivery and kindly presence as he steered us through the finer points and, sometimes, almost impenetrable, details of the RB’s finances. He both spoke and conducted himself with effortless courtesy and much good humour, qualities which he sought to impress upon others. His public service to organisations beyond the Church in Wales, not least the Scout Movement, was widely admired. The Church in Wales gives grateful thanks for a thoroughly dependable and generous servant.”