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Licensed ministers invited to ‘listening days’

From clergy to youth workers – all licensed minsters are being invited to share what makes them flourish and what they struggle with in a series of ‘listening days’ taking place across Wales.

The series of 24 days at 12 different locations is being organized by St Padarn’s Institute, the training arm of the Church in Wales, in order to find out how it can best equip and resource those in ministry today.

The invitation is for all licensed readers, pastors, pioneers, evangelists and children/youth workers, as well as all licensed clergy. They will take place in quiet venues to give those attending the opportunity to pause, to listen to God, their own experiences, and to one another.

Jenny Sissons, who is part of the Continuing Ministerial Development team at St Padarn’s says, “With new patterns of training and formation and the rapidly changing landscape of the Church in Wales, the CMD team has been tasked with developing a strategy for CMD which will ‘enable the flourishing of all licensed ministers in Wales’. To find out what flourishing looks like we are embarking on a process of shared listening and inviting all ministers to take part – hence these days!

“This project is a space to be open, honest and courageous with one another in sharing who we are and what we need.  By talking about the question of how we flourish and sharing our journeys with honesty we can start to build a clearer picture of where support is needed.”

Listening Days

Each day will run from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will begin and end with a short act of corporate worship. In the morning there will be an extended period of silence for personal prayer and reflection. This will be followed by the opportunity to complete a series of ‘listening questions’ before enjoying lunch and shared conversation. In the afternoon you may wish to participate in an optional workshop or have further time for quiet reflection – either at the venue or by taking a walk in the local area.

During the day you will be invited to consider some ‘Listening Questions’. These questions have been designed following the CMD team’s initial conversations with ministers and their aim is to capture data on the realities of ministry from a wide range of people in different ministries and contexts in Wales. Laptops will be provided on the day and the questions may be completed in Welsh or English, with the option of responding on paper or in an interview format if preferred. Collation of responses to these questions will enable the design of a CMD strategy which takes seriously the realities of ministry and resourcing needs of all licensed ministers in Wales.

Venues and booking

There are 12 venues in different locations across Wales with two in each Diocese. The locations were chosen based on what people have shared about the sort of places that they like to go to for quiet time apart. The locations reflect something of the rich resources available in Wales – in terms of scenic beauty as well as spiritual and cultural heritage and hospitality. The intention is that there should be a venue within easy travelling reach for everyone, with Saturday options for those who would not be able to participate on weekdays. You are also welcome to come to a day which is further afield for you if this suits you better. Each day is limited to a maximum of 25 participants.


More information, including dates and venues 

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