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Enthronement of the Archbishop of Wales

The new Archbishop of Wales will be enthroned next month.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, was elected as the 13th Archbishop of Wales in September and his enthronement will take place at a national service in Brecon Cathedral on December 2.


Archbishop John will be led into the Cathedral by a long procession which will include clergy, visiting bishops, diocesan legal officers, ecumenical and interfaith guests and representatives of academic institutions.

During the service, Archbishop John will be placed in the Archiepiscopal chair (or throne) by the Bishop of Bangor, the Senior Bishop, who will then present him to the congregation. The Archiepiscopal chair is a wooden replica of the Chair of St Augustine in Canterbury Cathedral, and was a gift from the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1920 when, at its disestablishment, the Church in Wales became a separate Province of the Anglican Communion. The chair will remain at Brecon Cathedral throughout Archbishop John’s tenure of office as Archbishop.

The Archbishop will make his declaration and oath on the historic William Morgan Bible. The bible is kept at St Asaph Cathedral, and is one of 20 surviving first editions of the great Bible in Welsh translated by Morgan and others, and which ensured the survival of the Welsh language in the sixteenth century.

The enthronement service, which begins at 2pm, will be led by the Dean of Brecon, Dr Paul Shackerley. Archbishop John will give the address. More than 600 people are expected to attend, representing a cross-section of people, from across the churches and wider Welsh society.


All those attending will be invited to refreshments after the service in a marquee in the Cathedral grounds.

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