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Calling all organists

Organists are being offered the chance to freshen up their skills as part of a new scheme being launched by the Royal School of Church Music in Wales.

Called The Complete Church Organist, the scheme provides practical help and coaching to small groups of organists.

Stuart Robinson, the organisation’s coordinator, explains how you can get involved:

“Being a church organist myself, I know that playing the organ of a Sunday can be a solitary business, and human frailty being what it is, sometimes a challenge to keep going! If you’re a church or chapel organist, (or pianist turned organist – there are many of you!) and feel in need of some support or coaching and/or even a bit of an uplift, then a new scheme from the Royal School of Church Music in Wales (RSCM) could be for you.

“This then is a chance for organists to give themselves a bit of a revival! Apart from the freshening up of keyboard skills, those taking part will also gain encouragement and mutual support from each other. These sessions are intended for the average player, and will focus primarily on the technical skills to accompany hymn singing, as well as how to deal with stops and where relevant, pedals.

“Now is also the time for interested students to register their interest. This can be done through our website where there is more information. Enquiries will also be accepted by phone 01722 424848 / email:”