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Bishop chairs international hustings

From aid to trade, voters will have the chance to quiz election candidates on key international issues at a church husting next week.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, will chair the event which has been jointly organised by the Church in Wales and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs ahead of the General Election on June 8.

Other topics on the agenda include foreign policy and defence, global aid, action on climate change and sustainable development, trade justice and support for asylum seekers and refugees.

The hustings will take place at St Mary’s Church, Swansea city centre on May 31 from 6.30-8pm. Entry is free and questions can be submitted in advance.

Bishop John said, “Hustings are a marvellous opportunity for people to meet the candidates named on the ballot paper and quiz them in detail about particular policies trailed in their manifestoes so that we can make an informed choice. This event is focusing on international issues, which are all too often overlooked. We’ll be asking what impact the main parties’ policies will have not just on us but on our global community. While Brexit won’t be covered in detail, EU relations will clearly provide an important backdrop.”

The event is one of several hustings organised by churches across Wales.

“Churches have traditionally hosted hustings events because we believe that each vote counts and elections are our chance to elect people we believe have the capacity to help make a difference for the better– not just to our own lives but to those of our neighbours, particularly to those in greatest need,” said Bishop John.

“Voting is both a right and a privilege, hard-won in generations past.  I encourage all of us to join in a hustings, either with me in Swansea or in their own local area, and to look for promises and pledges which have the real potential to be fulfilled for the benefit of all and the unity of our society.”

Confirmed panellists are:

Dan Boucher, Conservative candidate for Swansea East
Daniel Williams, Plaid Cymru candidate for Neath
Geraint Davies, Labour candidate for Swansea West
Ian Chandler, Green Party candidate for Monmouth
Mike O’Carroll, Liberal Democrats – Swansea West
Caroline Jones, UKIP, AM for South West Wales

Register for the international hustings in Swansea

You can also submit questions at or by tweeting @WCIA_Wales.

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