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Bishop of Llandaff – appointment process continues


The process to appoint the next Bishop of Llandaff will continue to a further stage, following the March meeting of the Bench of Bishops of the Church in Wales (March 14-16).

The Bishops met to discuss a possible appointment, having consulted widely within their dioceses. They will now meet with short-listed candidates.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Davies, who is the senior bishop, thanked everyone who had taken part in the consultation, and also all those who had supported the Bishops with their prayers during the period of consultation and discussion.

He said, “We received a wide variety of responses to the consultation, and heard from a particularly large number of people suggesting possible candidates. We have now considered those responses and, after a lengthy but productive meeting, we are ready to move to the next stage in the appointment process. We are very grateful to all those who have held us and the Diocese of Llandaff in their prayers at this time and we hope they will continue to do so.”

The appointment of the next Bishop of Llandaff fell to the Bench of Bishops after a meeting of the Electoral College in February ended with no candidate receiving enough votes to be declared Bishop-Elect.

During their Bench meeting, the Bishops chose not to give further consideration to any candidate nominated at the Electoral College in order not to compromise the integrity of the College process.

Bishop John said, “Our unanimous view was that to consider further all or any of the candidates nominated at the College, none of whom achieved the required majority of votes to be elected, would call into question the integrity of the Electoral College process, and that, were any one of the candidates offered to the College to be subsequently appointed, that would be unfair to the other candidates.”

Unlike the Electoral College process, there is no fixed timetable for an appointment process. However, the Bishops would wish to announce any appointment made as soon as all necessary formalities are finalised.



The meeting of the Electoral College for the next Bishop of Llandaff was confidential and the Church in Wales will not comment on speculation about the nomination and discussion of candidates. However, we strongly deny allegations of homophobia in the process. Neither homosexuality nor participation in a civil partnership are a bar to any candidate being either nominated or elected as a Bishop in the Church in Wales. Moreover, this was made clear to members of the Electoral College by its President, the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon.

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