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From librarian to curate

The journey of a senior librarian who left his job to become a priest will be followed in a radio feature this weekend.

Lyn Lewis Dafis resigned from the National Library of Wales after 25 years to return to student life and train as a priest. He now serves as an assistant curate in West Wales.

You can hear his story on Sunday morning on Radio Cymru’s Bwrw Golwg programme. The presenter, John Roberts, followed Lyn for a year, from his emotional ordination as a deacon in 2015 to his ordination as a priest. Lyn, who trained at St Michael’s College, Cardiff, now serves as assistant curate in the benefice of Llanbadarn Fawr and Elerch and Penrhyncoch and Capel Bangor.

Producer Cerian Arianrhod said, “We had interviewed Lyn a few times on Bwrw Golwg during his time at St Michael’s College, and felt we’d like to hear more about his experiences over the last few years. We wanted to know what had made Lyn decide to leave his job at the National Library of Wales after 25 years, what were the challenges of returning to student life, what were the highs and lows of his first year in his new parishes?

“Five years ago Lyn had begun to feel he was being called to do more than serve the church as a lay reader. He has faced many changes and challenges along the way – learning Hebrew, re-learning to drive, learning to trust that God would help him find the right words when parishioners came to him for advice. But once he’d resigned from his job there was no going back! And even though Lyn says his calling is challenged daily he also believes he receives daily assurance that it was the right thing to do.

“We take Lyn back to St. Michael’s College and to the National Library of Wales to hear about his experiences there and his decision to change direction, and we also visit the church and vicarage at Penrhyn Coch. He has had an interesting journey, and this is merely the beginning.”

Lyn2015Lyn said, “I learnt a lot about myself while working with John on the programme. He has the knack of asking the unexpected questions – a virtue in a journalist but a challenge sometimes to the individual being asked – questions that made me face some things about what I was doing that I hadn’t really thought about before. I hope that those who hear my story and are sensing whether God is calling them to serve him in the Christian ministry will see that it has its ups and downs, but all along the path of discernment there were many people who supported me with their advice, care and their prayers.”

You can hear Bwrw Golwg on Radio Cymru on Sunday, August 28 at 8am.