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Engage with Christian Aid, urges Lord Williams

Churches in Wales need to re-adopt the charity Christian Aid as their own development arm, said its chair, Lord Williams of Oystermouth.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury said the charity was set up by churches  70 years ago to assist refugees in the aftermath of WW2 and it still needed their support as it faced similar challenges today.

He warned that fund-raising for Christian Aid continued to fall each year and stressed that it had to stay in tune with the aspirations and prayers of the churches at the grassroots which support it. He thanked churches for all their dedicated fund-raising work over the years.

In a presentation to members of the Church’s Governing Body, Lord Williams also outlined the charity’s three priorities: gender injustice; climate change; and tax transparency.

You can listen to Lord Williams’ Christian Aid presentation here. Lord Williams was also former Archbishop of Wales and in that capacity had also been President of the Governing Body.

Churches across Wales will be marking Christian Aid week on May 15-21. As well as the traditional door-to-door red envelope collections, they will be hosting “Big Brekkie” events – sharing breakfasts to raise money for people in a region of Bangladesh at severe risk of flooding.

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