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Wales hosts Anglican Alliance summit

The refugee crisis will be on the agenda of an international church group meeting in Wales this week.

Members of the Anglican Alliance will share their different perspectives on the European response to the crisis during a three-day conference .at St Michael’s College, Cardiff, starting on Tuesday (Sept 22).

Taking part  in a panel discussion will be the Anglican chaplain of St Paul’s, Athens, the Revd Malcolm Bradshaw, Jill Rios, a specialist in refugees who is based in Rome, and Canon Aled Edwards, the chief executive of Cytun – Churches Together in Wales – who has just returned from Greece and Macedonia on a visit to the refugee camps.

The 31 delegates from Anglican churches across the world will also discuss inter-religious living in the light of the refugee crisis, human trafficking and the impact of austerity.

It is the first time the Church in Wales has hosted a meeting of the Anglican Alliance, which was set up in 2008 to connect churches in relief, development and advocacy.

During the visit delegates will visit pioneering social responsibility projects set up by the Church in Wales. These are: the community garden at St Peter’s Church, Fairwater, Cardiff; the Faith in Families’ family centre in Bonymaen, Swansea – and the job club  and credit union at St Catherine’s Church, Pontypridd 

The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, will give the welcoming address at the start of the conference.

The Revd Rachel Carnegie, co-executive director of Anglican Alliance, says, “Given all that is happening these last months and weeks across Europe, with the plight of the refugees and migrants, it could not be more timely that we come together to consider the role of the local and national churches across the British Isles and Ireland, and into continental Europe. Our delegates represent an inspirational range of expertise and insight from many different perspectives – with participants also attending from around the Anglican Communion joining us to contribute from their viewpoint.”

Canon Carol Wardman, the Church in Wales’ bishops’ adviser for church and society, says, “It is a great privilege for us to host this conference and to welcome the Anglican Alliance members. It comes at a crucial time in European affairs when we are all looking for direction in dealing with the refugee crisis in particular and all the ramifications of the mass movement of people.”

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